Think. Do. Receive. That’s it. The big secret, right up front. You can call it a mantra, an affirmation, or straight-up logic, but it’s the most powerful way to change your life.

Makenzie ChiltonMakenzie is a career coach over at Love Your Mondays. Quite simply, she helps people figure out what they should do with their lives. Her story is pretty similar to a lot of people’s. Makenzie went to school, got a job; it wasn’t what she thought, and then didn’t know what to do. She worked as a counselor for medium to high-risk violent offenders in the prison system for four years, and loved it. Then she got laid off. Three times. She started working in policy, a job she hated – as did everyone around her. So, she started thinking, “who do you talk to about this stuff? Parents? No, they’re just stoked you’re working. Friends? They’re going through the same thing. Counselors? No, not really…

Seemed there was a grey area in the population of mentally well people that needed outside help to find their career. Makenzie spent the next four years developing a system for doing just that. Et voilà! With her background in business and psychology, Love Your Mondays was born.

Makenzie has spoken at P!tch in New York, and most recently has been a Y.E.S. Vancouver Mentor. In 2018, Mackenzie is looking forward to presenting at Grace Club YVR, The BC Nurses Union, and Unapologetically Her: International Women’s Day.

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