While Laura Kwerk is quite well-practiced in the English language, she certainly has a penchant for making words and phrases up to suit her songwriting needs in any given moment. From “a titch” in All Yours (which turned out to actually be a legitimate saying), to “find your loud” in Little Fighter, to the sassy “bigger, badder dreams” in the recently written Fire Light, the cheek is apparent in her seemingly nonchalant disregard for grammatical etiquette. When asked about it, she remarks with a smile, “But I like it.”

Laura KochLaura is a suburban homeschooling mom turned rockstar. From living a typical suburban “work-at-home-mom” life in White Rock with her family, to her present day life leading her band, The Kwerks, things have certainly turned upside down for this woman. Through questioning a seemingly endless cycle of restlessness in their lives, Laura and her husband Ryan embarked on an intuitive, self-made journey of identifying their core values, shifting their life accordingly, and taking the brave step of pursuing a dream of becoming professional performers. Their story is filled with highs and lows, laughter and tears, doors opening and closing, and many, many new insights that will leave audiences inspired and ready to take on their own journey in new ways.

DISCOGRAPHY: The Kwerks (April 2016), Lights (Nov. 2016). The Kwerks are currently recording their next album with a release date in 2018.

ACHIEVEMENTS: Laura received the Excellence in Performance by a Female Artist Award at the 2017 Fraser Valley Music Awards in Abbotsford. The Kwerks were nominated in both 2016 and 2017 for a Fraser Valley Music Award, and made it to the national top 25 in the 2017 CBC Searchlight Competition. The band has also been featured in a Dominion Lending Centres national commercial campaign.

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