Two Sisters

Living our dreams? We’re working on it!

STACEY WAKELIN (Founder, Co-Organizer)

  • Lifelong passions: arts and crafts, travel, helping people;
  • Sidetracked by: various diploma programs like hairdressing and travel agent, and many jobs in search of purpose, in addition to time spent as an accidental business owner, a volunteer, and a mixed media instructor;
  • Which has led to strengths and skills in: communications, event planning, business management, workshop instruction and design, leadership and people skills, public speaking, dreaming and doing.
  • My identified purpose, at this time in my life: to make a difference in my community; to help those in need, and to encourage others to discover their purpose.
  • My dream: to found an affordable housing community with resident-focused programs (i.e. treatment, counseling) that will bridge the gap in available housing for those who are homeless or with limited resources.
  • Where I’m at with it: currently carrying out Compassion Pop Up events with a great team; teaching Creativity Counts workshops at local non-profits, which provides an opportunity to those in need to experience the power of the creative process. With each event, I learn so much – about the community, it’s challenges, the power of kindness, and what we can accomplish when we work together.


  • Lifelong passions: books, history, travel;
  • Sidetracked by: a chicken catching business, a stage management career, a degree in Canadian history, community volunteerism, with stints as a publicist, a memorial designer, a green meetings strategist, and most recently, a communications and marketing coordinator;
  • Which has led to strengths and skills in: research and writing, organization, communications, planning, computers and technology, team building, green business practices, marketing, and creative design.
  • My identified purpose, at this time in my life: to rescue Canadian local histories from thrift stores, garage sales, and Kijiji.
  • My dream: a bricks and mortar niche bookstore that specializes in first person narratives of the Great Plains, and hosts seminars and events that encourage an appreciation for the history and craft of making books.
  • Where I’m at with it: almost a proprietor of an online bookstore selling used, out of print, and collectible non-fiction books with a focus on Canada’s Great Plains; a blogger following the threads of history in west-central Saskatchewan.