Event Greening


The overall principle of event greening is the implementation of sustainable living practices, which include a balance between environmental protection, social development, and economic benefit. This is known as the triple bottom-line, also referred to as ‘planet, people and prosperity’. – Two Oceans Aquarium

With this in mind, the following list outlines our actions to date. We kindly ask that you look them over because some of them will require your buy-in:

SPEAKERS: The individuals we’ve lined up to present at the Conference are either local, or had already planned to be in the area on the event date, which means we will not need to support air travel.

TICKETS: There will be no need for paper tickets, or to print the confirmation email. Your name will be on an attendee list at the Registration table.

VENUE: Fort Langley Community Hall is locally owned, which means the rental fee will remain within the community.

TRANSPORTATION: A limited amount of on-site parking is available behind the building, although we question whether or not it will be sufficient for all conference participants – should everyone choose to drive.

  • At this point, we kindly ask that you consider taking the bus, carpooling with a friend, or walking/biking, if that’s a regular activity for you. For more info on venue accessibility, please click here.

WELLNESS BREAKS: The venue is situated in beautifully landscaped grounds, close to downtown Fort Langley.

  • We strongly encourage all participants to dress for the weather, with comfortable shoes, to take advantage of fresh air breaks.

DELEGATE BAGS: Conference tote bags will not be provided as, in most cases, they become a landfill item post-event.

  • We kindly ask participants to bring their own re-useable tote, and notebook and pen.

BEVERAGE CONTAINERS: We will provide a water filling station. Bottled water will not be available on-site.

  • We kindly ask that you bring your own water bottle and/or re-useable coffee mug.

CATERING: TBD (but local, for sure!).

And more to come!

If you have any questions – or ideas – regarding the greening of our event, please email Stacey or Debbie at passiontopurposeevents@gmail.com or fill out the contact form here.