Leading by Example: Stacey Wakelin

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. – Helen Keller

STACEY WAKELIN (Founder From Passion to Purpose Events)

Stacey’s life changed direction in the fall of 2014. Motivated by the speakers at a Seattle event, and inspired by their courage, Stacey realized the time had come for her to move in the direction of her dreams. Her passion is, and has always been, to help people – and sidetracked by life, as many of us are – she still didn’t have the degree in social work she assumed was essential to making a difference.

But, with examples from the 2014 conference fresh in her mind, Stacey decided to create her own path! Take a look at what she’s accomplished without that degree – using her available resources, her skills and talents, and with the support of her family and friends:

  • Compassion 604: The Compassion Collective, a loosely organized group of co-workers and friends who get together semi-regularly to help people experiencing homelessness.
  • Creativity Counts, a series of crafting workshops, primarily for refugees, through the Literacy through Arts & Crafts program at Options Community Services.
  • BC Families for Inclusivity, a group whose “core belief is that every human being, without exception, deserves to feel safe, accepted and appreciated” and to that end voice their support for, and promote the inclusion of “LGBTQ youth and community members who face intolerance or discrimination.”

Bridges out of Poverty

A few months ago, Stacey attended a Bridges out of Poverty workshop, which provides insights into, and strategies aimed at reducing poverty. She came away from the experience feeling it was really important that more people in the community have an opportunity to attend one of these day-long workshops. On Tuesday, June 12, in Langley, Stacey Wakelin and the AYAM Civic Society will host a Bridges out of Poverty workshop led by Gayle Montgomery and Kim Godin.

For people who work or volunteer in the not-for-profit sector, social services, education, etc., this day-long workshop is for you! For more info, to attend, or to sponsor the seminar, please click here.

~ Debbie MacLeod

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