Action Looks Like This

This year, my #onelittleword is going to be ACTION. I’m hoping for new challenges, opportunities, adventures, and change-making. – Stacey Wakelin, January 8, 2018

Stacey Wakelin
Stacey Wakelin

In January, I wrote about New Year’s resolutions and procrastination, and how, for so many of us, those two words go hand-in-glove, which means, then, that we never really move beyond the wish-stage of a resolution. Of course, on the other side of that, are people like Stacey, who declare their intentions i.e. ACTION (see above), banish procrastination from their vocabularies, and set the stage to make a change.

For almost 4 years, I’ve devoted much of my spare time to creating opportunities to give back to my community. Now, it’s time to serve in a new way. Public service carries with it a huge responsibility. It’s a challenge that I respect, and my sole motivation, as it has always been, is to strengthen this community. – Stacey Wakelin

Stacey has followed her heart with commitment, with honesty and integrity, and with joy. In retrospect, her journey since 2014, could not have led her to any other place than where she is right now. Yesterday, on May 1, 2018, she announced her candidacy for the Township of Langley Council. Now, how exciting is that!

Stacey invites any woman who may be considering an election run in their future to step up as a volunteer and join her journey. – Media Release

~ Debbie MacLeod

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