Planning a ‘Green’ Event

People of conscience need to break their ties with corporations financing the injustice of climate change. Desmond Tutu, Archbishop emeritus

Today in my Twitter feed:

Plastic bottles

When Stacey and I began to think about hosting this event, we agreed we’d make the experience as environmentally-friendly as possible. Although, on days like these (see news items above), it’s really hard not to wonder if there’s any point in any one person making any kind of effort. But, this is where the advice we put out on Instagram a while back comes into play:

We will not give up. We will keep our eye on the prize. We will believe that every effort we make to lessen pressure on the environment is essential, and is worthwhile.

With that in mind, the following list outlines our actions to date. We kindly ask that you look them over because some of them will require your buy-in:

  1. Speakers: The individuals we’ve lined up to present at the Conference are either local, or already had plans to be in the area on the event date, which means we will not need to support air travel.
  2. Venue: Fort Langley Community Hall is locally owned, so the rental fee will remain within the community.
  3. Transportation: A limited amount of on-site parking is available behind the building, although we question whether or not it will be sufficient for all conference participants – should everyone choose to drive. At this point, we kindly ask that you consider taking the bus, carpooling with a friend, or walking/biking, if that’s a regular activity for you. For more info on venue accessibility, please click here.
  4. Wellness breaks: We strongly encourage all participants to dress for the weather, with comfortable shoes, as the venue is situated in a beautiful spot for taking fresh air breaks.
  5. Delegate bags: Out of respect for, and in consideration of the environment, we kindly ask that participants bring their own re-useable tote, and notebook. We will not have any on-site.
  6. Beverage Containers: We kindly ask that you bring your own water bottle and/or re-useable (travel) coffee mug. We will provide a water filling station. No bottled water will be on-site.
  7. Catering: TBD (but local, for sure).
  8. And more to come!

If you have any questions – or ideas – regarding the greening of our event, please email Stacey or Debbie at or fill out the contact form here.

~ Debbie MacLeod

Photo credit: clarita via

The CREATIVE CHANGE-MAKING Conference has been organized to showcase individuals from within our own communities, who are creating their own path, leading by example, and following their dreams through purposeful work.

Intrigued? Come listen to the stories. Ask questions. Be inspired to change your life!

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