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It turns out Vancouver is Canada’s number one hot spot for start-ups, and rates 15th in the world! Allie Turner, writing for Vancouver Magazine, canvassed a sampling of successful business people for their best advice to individuals considering a leap to entrepreneurship.

The excerpts that follow would be applicable to almost any new venture: businesses, of course, but also side hustles, new organizations, a charitable project, etc. Truly, the sky’s the limit!


10 Vancouver Entrepreneurs Share Their Start-Up Secrets

February 21, 2018 by Allie Turner

  1. Jesse Nightingale, Founder, Handsome Mountain Pet Supplies: Reach out as much as possible. We typically have a lot of people close by that have the knowledge and know-how to help with particular areas of your business.
  2. Marissa Cristina, Founder, STIL Classics (formerly Design Love. Co.): I had a passion and I decided to follow it. The rest sort of just happened after I started to focus everything I had on it.
  3. Trevor Patterson, Founder, Landeau: The lessons I learned in doing, rather than researching, have proven to be the most impactful and useful in the day-to-day of running Landeau.
  4. Cody Green, Founder and Co-CEO, Canada Drives: Leverage your strengths and make sure your company is adding real value.
  5. Dustin Vioen, Founder, Joiiin: Aim to learn something new everyday. You have no excuse as there is so much great (and free) content available.
  6. Esme Smith, Co-Founder, People Footwear: Use social media as a platform to teach customers about your brand… work smarter, not harder.
  7. Shamil Hargovan, Co-Founder, Wiivv: Form your own point of view… and create your values, but get smarter as quick as you can.
  8. Aarmir Baig, Co-Founder, Director and CEO, Article: Think how we can do things differently, and more importantly, how we can do things better.
  9. Matt Smith, Founder, Later (formerly Latergramme): Set some very clear goals for your company and stay laser-focused. It’s incredibly easy to get distracted.
  10. Kenshi Arasaki, CEO, A Thinking Ape: Create an environment where [you] can make more effective decisions at all levels… a core value such as ‘have wonderful arguments’ has given people the freedom to discuss ideas based on merit.

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~ Debbie MacLeod

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