Speaking of Impermanent…

A flashmob recreates Rembrandt’s painting, The Night Watch, in a shopping centre in Breda to mark the painting’s return to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Companies and organizations use flash mobs, and pop-up events as marketing tools. Both, by definition, are temporary, and both are seemingly random or unplanned although, in reality, nothing is left to chance. Pop-up events can expand brand awareness, attract a new audience, or even characterize an entire organization.

Compassion Pop-up signageFor example, Compassion 604: The Compassion Collective is a loosely organized group of co-workers and friends who get together semi-regularly to help people experiencing homelessness. Initiated by Stacey Wakelin, Compassion 604 uses a Facebook group to communicate, organize, and solicit donations of needed items. With virtually no overhead, Stacey, and her group of neighbours-helping-neighbours operate with few out-of-pocket expenses.

Compassion Pop-up donationsFrom random-acts-of-kindness to an oatmeal street breakfast, to a pop-up hair salon, with free clothing, food, and a card-making table, Compassion 604 members use their imagination, their connections, and their initiative to plan each event. This means no two Compassion Pop-ups will ever look the same. To date, one event used empty retail space, another, a community centre, and still others went directly to the streets. All items are donated by individuals, and local businesses; monetary donations are used to purchase items to give away.

The Compassion Collective shows us what can be accomplished by a group of people, passionate about making a difference, who think outside the box, and use the resources at hand.

Sometimes a worn and weathered old saying is still a perfect summation: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

~ Debbie MacLeod

The CREATIVE CHANGE-MAKING Conference has been organized to showcase local heroes, individuals from within our own communities, who are creating their own path, leading by example, and following their dreams through purposeful work.

Intrigued? Come listen to the stories. Ask questions. Be inspired to change your life!

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