Finding Your Peeps

Cause you gotta have friends. Finding your peeps is important — acceptance, understanding and support… and a soul connection. – Sascha Jones

So, you’re thinking you might be interested in joining us at The CREATIVE CHANGE-MAKING Conference in May, but you’re not sure which one of your friends could be convinced to come along with you… because you definitely don’t want to come on your own… you don’t want to sit by yourself… you don’t want to have to eat your lunch with people you don’t know…. you don’t want to – STOP.


This is not a work event, or a parent meeting, or a concert, a movie, or a dinner in a nice restaurant. You don’t need to drag anyone with you – unless they’re as excited about the event as you are. And, then it wouldn’t be dragging! Every single one of the other attendees will be at the Fort Langley Community Hall for the same reasons as you are: to be inspired by some amazing life stories, to ask how-to questions of people who’ve ‘been there, done that’, and to meet like-minded strangers who could even become friends. These will be your peeps.

Remember, a few posts ago, I talked about dreaded networking, and another day I introduced the conference hashtag #WhenIGrowUp? See where I’m going with this? On May 26, 2018, let’s forget about standard intros like, “what do you do, where do you live, how many kids do you have, isn’t the weather (fill in the blank),” etc., etc. Introductions on this day should go like this: “Hi. My name is (fill in the blank). What do you want to be when you grow up?” I guarantee there’ll be no shortage of conversation.

~ Debbie MacLeod

Photo by Prawny via Morguefile

The CREATIVE CHANGE-MAKING Conference has been organized to showcase local heroes, individuals from within our own communities, who are creating their own path, leading by example, and following their dreams through purposeful work.

Intrigued? Come listen to the stories. Ask questions. Be inspired to change your life!

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